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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 16, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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" up > very tight security out at this game. fans are complaining that some of the security guards are being heavy handed. i have some personal experience out here as low.
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>>rob: sanford's if the police have undercover cops are. netflix--have undercover cops. they are addressed as fans. >> the 49ers are fans from other teams. >> give the fans a sense of come and enjoy the game. >> the fans actually like that
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idea, the san francisco police tried that tactic during the new york giants playoff game. it's they say that tactic was successful and they will be using this tactic in future games. when security guards did apologize for his behavior. >>vicki: the ridership were beaten by the miami dolphins today. the score was 35-13. this is day one of the nhl lockout. no progress towards any type of deal. the main issue is how to split the 3.3 billion in revenue. the owners want to decrease
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the amount of revenue into the union wants at least 1.8 billion in salaries paid out last season. the work stoppage is not as bad news for the fans. some businesses are a worry how the law that will impact on their bottom lines. >> no shocks could mean tool to run business. >> without this sharks it is difficult to succeed. >> he has been here for 20 years. he says he chose to open his business because of hochtief free. with the team not lane, he stands to lose thousands in revenue of >> it affects me having to lay off employees and struggling to survive.
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>> 80% of our business comes from the sharks' season. >> it is for the impact of the one on an individual level in a business level. >> he says they have to cut staffing hours to compensate for the lack of business. >> you're talking six people that will not get to work if there is no shark game. >>vicki: the giants and a's also played it. right now, san francisco's leading division in oakland is fighting for a post-season spot >> the civic center bart station had to be temporarily shut down all our reports of explosions and small that happened around 1:45 p.m. 1:45 it disrupted muni service. the entire station had to be evacuated.
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>> what has been determined after further investigation that there was a system malfunction of some sort, either an overpowering. the phillies did and investigation and there does not seem to be any apparent criminal intent. that was a part of the delay. we wanted to ensure public safety. >> the station reopened about one hour later. investigators have narrowed the problem to a train's brake malfunction. a retired san francisco firefighter with a serious health condition is missing. the 69 year old got on an amtrak train to montreal, canada. on wednesday, but he was last seen friday in omaha, nebraska. the elderly man did seemed disoriented. >>da: his wife says she cannot believe her husband of 45 years suddenly disappeared on an amtrak train bound for montreal, canada and no one
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noticed. she says her husband has a serious medical condition and it desperately needs his medication. there was a sip francisco firefighter from 1971-1976. deere is a picture of him holding his two children. >> this is really out of the norm. >> he was trying to visit his kids in montreal. he is a diabetic. he takes medicine for that. he also have restless legs and he does not sleep. he is an insomniac. >> once he got on the train as
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is the space station family members say he checked in with them. >> family members say amtrak told them a thorough search was conducted in his cell phone was found in a sleeping car but there is no sign of the 69 year-old. his luggage also arrived at the chicago train station without him. >> the libyan government says they have arrested 50 people in conjunction with an attack that killed four. the libyan president claims that the attack is premeditated the attack came as a violent
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protests erupted around the globe due to the release of a film criticizing the muslim -- moslem prophet mohammed. tonight, we're learning more about the man suspected of making back in time muslim field. more violence against americans in the middle east, for troops were killed by afghan police in the latest green on blue attack. >> the killing of four americans in afghanistan is the latest in a series of attacks >> both incidents are under
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investigation right now. >> sunday's killings came one day after it was announced that two troops are killed. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says security is a top priority at u.s. facilities in the region.
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>> tomorrow morning look for fog bayside.
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>> the naacp is asking the bay area to get involved. kron4 is following all of the bay area sports excitement. 49ers fans are dreaming of a super bowl while the giants and the a's are closing in on at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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pot >>vicki: add today marks the 49th anniversary of the bombing of a southern baptist church where four young girls were killed after members of the ku klux klan set off explosives during a church service. the president of the naacp address to leave the area churches as a part of a national crashed to register more voters. nichols and a felt has more. >> this day, 49 years ago, for
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little girls were blown up in a church in birmingham alabama as the parents and community fought for the right of all this to be able to vote. a year ago next friday, an innocent man was executed in georgia. >> these were the main issues that the n.c.a.a. president touched on as he addressed members of the berkeley mt. zion missionary baptist church. >> we're also talking about proposition 34, the opportunity california to switch from using the death penalty to life without possibility of parole. >> he believes the execution of troy davis was one of many on just executions. >> during this service, a candidate for berkeley city council spoke out against a
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measure that would prohibit sitting on sidewalks and commercial districts. >> as a progressive community, we have progressive values. this is not likely to. >> the naacp had members and from the discharge in congregations across the country working to register more voters >> our find the notion has primarily been in the black church. there is an expectation. >> this is just one of the three churches where the president of the naacp stopped to close friend and and of the death penalty in california. >> decision to doesn't fall, a new poll shows being married or
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not is a big factor in who americans are voting for. >> upper case >> the medicare issue ,, there
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is a message ,, we have the messengers . >> ryan has proposed a plan that would allow private insurers to compete with traditional medicare on an exchange . democrats have labeled the proposal a voucher system . republicans say such steps are necessary to insure the health care program for senior citizens . . >> '60s and '70s by the bay ,, '80s and '90s inland . as we go into tomorrow ,, thing are going off . we will see more fog into the sea breeze picking up . a cool evening in san francisco . the winds are pretty gusty coming in off of the ocean .
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in livermore ,, a little bit warmer . for tonight ,, look for fog to spread into the bay and eventually the north bay valleys in south bay . . we will see continued cooling as a goal into tuesday with increased fog by mid-week . . >> the highs inland are
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dropping . '80s . we will have upper 60s and low 70's by the cape . . >>stanley: coming up ,, we spe some time on lakeshore avenue to show you why it is the focus of people behaving badly . hello?
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. costs >>stanley: let's watch this the toyota . the driver is trying to park on lakeshore avenue in oakland
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before the car can :: , , the driver in a lexus takes the spot . now ,, the toyota driver has to back up it keep moving . then ,, watch . the driver stops at the red light and proceeds to roll through . >> i do not do that . i'm too afraid of getting a ticket . >> apparently ,, some people c afford to send a few hundred dollars and risk getting a point on their driving record in the business district ,, you turned are not permitted . that includes turning into a parking spot from the opposite direction . it happens here all day long .
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. >> while some drivers are at the light ,, some take time to send out messengers . there also once saw in on their phones . it's >> watch looked happens to the evils of the signs walked down the street . it is pretty much a free for all of lakeshore avenue . if you see video at some of the offenders ,, all they reall care about is not getting a ticket . >> if you have a comment or story idea ,, e-mail us at .
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. >>brian: of war weather coming up . xbox
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>>vicki: bay area sports excitement is building . forty-niner fans jamming of visible what the giants and a's are closing in on a postseason the one-year anniversary of occupy wall street and the resurgence that the group is planning for tomorrow and a busy weekend at the box office , a fresh look at an old
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favorite among his hobbies . saith the movie it to the top spot ahead . happy birthday! thank you, nana
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. the >>vicki: it looks like the giants will come on on top . . >> they are up quite a few points with not a lot of time left . the fans are exciting . they won the game is all said
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and done they will go in for the season 22-0 . >> i came all the way from hawaii to watch my first game >> with our civil bounds . this year ,, next year ended th year after that . >> he conceded fans are confident yet excited about tonight's game . they're confident about the team in and talking about the civil . perhaps it is too early . . fans are leaving the scene new-line now . there are confident that they will take this game tonight . >> today many sports addicts
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got their fix . in addition to the 49ers and the raiders plane ,, both teams took to the field . >> people wearing both silver and black and green and gold said in action at ricky's sports bar . . >> this is of most exciting time for oakland a's fans serious it is the most exciting team ever . >> i a.m a raiders fan until the end . all >> the san francisco's are watching the giants play . they're calling for a repeat of 2000 and . >> there are going to the world series . >> scott sharp is talking about the giants as he is wearing his oakland a's have serious
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than i was born here and raised here . . >> i think it will go all the way . . i a.m ready for a victory . i feel excited . i feel amazing . the bay area is a wonderful place .
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. >> despite losing to the orioles' 99-5 , , the oakland a still left the series as the victors . oakland to better them baltimore by one game . . >> the man behind the innocence of muslims video was willing to be viewed by eight e probation officer .
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. >> the is the type of man that will do anything for money or fame . . >> the coptic community is very afraid right now .
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. >> the irony ,, and from starting the profit of one faith is in danger and the people of another . >>vicki: investigators say he is not in custody nor is he under arrest .
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>>brian: the card is issued because there now by 10:00 a.m. . sunshine for the afternoon and some high clouds a mixed in there as well .
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. thefts i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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>> this is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulses the ec in the middle east . they deny the rights of women , they denied democracy , , the brutalize their own people . everything the ec now is what you'll see with the regime that would have a common bond . >> his comments followed news
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that he rejected the prime minister's call . . >> to upgrade or not to upgrade ,, that is the question the iphone 5 available for pre order .
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. labatt has been six weeks since the shooting rampage at a sikh temple . one officer critically wounded in shooting and credited by many with preventing more deaths . he made his first first public appearance . >> this is the first time folks creek police lt. brian murphy is appearing publicly since being shot in a line of
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duty . stochastic visible on his hand was a family at his side . he arrived to a women's ice welcome -- to a hero's welcome furious despite a wound to his throat ,, he wanted to give a public figure . foie >> this is the same lot authorities used as a staging ground when responding to the mass shooting .
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. >>brian: we have low clouds pushing into the bay . tonight ,, a live in view from the bay bridge . mostly clear skies over oakland but we do have fog making its way into the bay currently .
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. right now ,, it is pretty chill . for tomorrow ,, look for temperatures to cool down ,, inland readings will come down a few degrees . it temperatures are running a few degrees below average . we will watch to bridges cool down as we go to this week . here is a look at fog tracker 4 . 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning ,, w have the fog bayside .
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. >> wednesday ,, the weather pattern holds steady . . >> the time between the apple iphone module and the the data gadget hit stores can be stressful . . >> apple really did invent the entire experience that we take for granted today .
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. >> those are things that apple has done every version of the iphone . . >> remember ,, the iphone 4s went on sale last october . the iphone 6 6 cannot be that far off .
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. >> a busy weekend at the box office . a fresh look at an old favorite . your entertainment news is next .
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they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. >> the table is set at american idol . a taste of pop ,, country and rack . >> nikki minaj is taking a seat at the judges' table . she is one of the new judges for the show's upcoming season keith urban also signed on . idle producers hired mariah carey back in july . >> the box office is back on track this week . a resident evil retribution took the top spot . they cashed in more than 20 million in ticket sales .
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a family favorite came in and number two . finding nemo 3 beads that in more than 17 million . rounding out the top three ,, the possession ,, bringing of nearly 6 million at the box office . >>vicki: kron4 gives you the best seen anywhere to watch one of the most exciting events ,, the blue angels live ,, a part the fleet week festivities . we will bring you all of the sights and sounds like . the kron4 blue angels live ,, october 6th at 3:00 p.m. . we're hoping that the weather will be great . >> last year we have a really nice weather . >> you did mention this is the last weekend of summer . it will be the first weekend of fall ? >> yes . we generally have our nicest whether this time of year ,, a lot of sunshine .
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>>vicki: that is it for us ,, will see you at 11:00 p.m. .
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